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October 31, 2012

Dear Fellow Moragans,

The silly season, as it is sometimes called, continues. 

However, for this election cycle in Moraga, it is not silly but very, very serious.  In light of the extreme negative campaign tactics taken against Karen by a small but loud and vociferous minority of people within and outside Moraga over the last three weeks, this election for Town Council has become one primarily about a choice for character and integrity.   The people of Moraga have a very serious choice—and that choice is to elect council members of good character and integrity who will perform their duties in the best interests of the Town.   With good character and integrity comes principled leadership; without such traits, one gets chaos. 

Civility always remains a choice.  Please, do not let anyone tell you that civility does not matter because deep in your heart and/or your gut, you know that it does.  One can choose to practice civility or not, and the Town of Moraga will now decide in this Town Council election whether or not this is a value that the Moraga community holds.  The results of this election will reflect the values of the Town--probably for years to come.  Please choose wisely in this election, and, with this in mind, cast your vote(s) to elect the next Moraga Town Council.

Karen, I, and I am sure most Moragans, continue to believe that the Town of Moraga is a great place to live with a vast majority of responsible, honorable, and civil members of this community.  We trust that this Town Council election will confirm this long-held belief.  Remember to vote, and, if you vote absentee, mail your ballot early to ensure a timely arrival of your ballot.  Add the required additional postage and remember to sign the envelope prior to mailing, or drop your absentee ballot off at any polling place on November 6th.

Thank you all, once again, for your continued support of our re-election campaign.  With your help, we look forward to the conclusion of a successful campaign, re-election, and four more years of Karen’s leadership on the Moraga Town Council.


Clay Serrahn, Campaign Manager